Last amended May 26th 2021.


Art. 1 Identity

The Reformation Research Consortium (REFORC) was founded February 14th, 2011 as the academic department within Refo500 Foundation. It is given legal status through the registration of the Refo500 Foundation in the Chamber of Commerce trade register under number #08214448.


Art. 2 Non-discriminatory policy

REFORC holds in all its activities to a non-discriminatory policy.


Art. 3 Purpose

REFORC is motivated by the conviction that the Early Modern period (ca. 1400-ca. 1700) marks an essential transitional period in European and global history with lasting relevance. It wants to serve all interested in Early Modern Christianity in their research or work, helping them reach their goals, facilitating and supporting research and stimulating the joy of scholarship.


Art. 4 Mission


  1. strengthens interdisciplinary research on Early Modern Christianity;
  2. encourages international collaboration;
  3. stimulates its members to connect and to cooperate;
  4. communicates news on the activities and products of its members.


Art. 5 Organization

  1. REFORC is legally a department of Refo500 Foundation seated in the Netherlands with ANBI Status (Charitable Incorporated Organisation).
  2. The Board of REFORC consists of six to eight academics affiliated with REFORC institutional members, appointed by the Board of Refo500 Foundation.
  3. In case of a vacancy and/or new appointment, the Board of REFORC will present a candidate to the Board of Refo500 Foundation.
  4. The REFORC Board is responsible for the realisation of the purpose and mission as mentioned in art. 3-4.
  5. Operational matters are delegated by the Board of Refo500 Foundation to the President of the board of REFORC and to the Director of Operations of Refo500.
  6. The REFORC General Assembly consists of the REFORC members and partners, and meets once a year at the Annual REFORC Conference to discuss the state of the consortium.
  7. The Board of the Refo500 Foundation will be informed annually on the activities and developments of REFORC by the president of REFORC.


Art. 6 Membership

  1. REFORC is an association of members and partners and offers three types of membership: individual, institutional, and societal.
  2. Membership is open to all persons and institutions upon paying the annual membership fee. Societal members do not have to pay an annual membership fee.
  3. Membership of individuals and institutions includes subscription to the Journal of Early Modern Christianity.
  4. The term of membership starts at the day of payment of the membership fee.


Art. 7 Responsibilities

REFORC is a consortium of individuals and institutions. This implies:

  1. academic output of REFORC is accounted as output of each of the members as far as they take part in the various projects;
  2. members, and not REFORC or Refo500 Foundation, are responsible for the quality of academic output.


Art. 8 Financial aspects

  1. REFORC has no financial responsibilities towards members or projects.
  2. All finances within REFORC are part of the budget of Refo500 Foundation.


Thus established by the Board of REFORC, May 26, 2021.


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