Art. 1 Identity


The Reformation Research Consortium, RefoRC, is a unique, leading and attractive international membership association of universities, research institutions, non-academic institutions and individuals focusing on Early Modern Christianity. RefoRC is the academic department of Refo500.


Art. 2 Non-discriminatory policy


RefoRC holds in all its activities to a non-discriminatory policy.


Art. 3 Aims


3.1 Conferences

  1. To organize an Annual RefoRC Conference where members, partners and external scholars have the chance to present their projects, products, services, plans, and the research results of their projects.
  2. To organize other conferences in the framework of Early Modern Christianity.


3.2 Research

  1. a) To promote research related to all aspects of Early Modern Christianity (ca. 1450 – 1650).
  2. b) To stimulate international and interdisciplinary research on Early Modern Christianity.
  3. c) To advance the publication of theses, conference papers and monographs etc., especially in the series initiated by RefoRC


3.3 Communication

  1. a) To develop and maintain an online environment in order to facilitate communication on scholarly activities related to Early Modern Christianity.
  2. b) To raise awareness about RefoRC, to spread information related to Early Modern Christianity and to attract target audiences to the membership association.
  3. c) To support non-academic institutions and to involve them in the academic activities within RefoRC.


3.4 Publication

  1. To publish the Journal for Early Modern Christianity.
  2. To encourage publications in the book series connected to RefoRC.
  3. To take initiatives that support publications in the field of Early Modern Christianity.


3.5 Resources

  1. To raise funds to realize the aims of RefoRC and to support the activities of RefoRC members.


3.6 Collaboration

  1. To stimulate collaboration between RefoRC members, as well as between RefoRC members and non-academic institutions.


Art. 4  Governance


4.1 Executive Committee

  1. RefoRC is governed by an Executive Committee (EC) appointed by the Board of Refo500 Foundation.
  2. The EC consists of the director of Refo500 Foundation serving as President of RefoRC and of the Director of Operations of Refo500 Foundation serving as Executive Director of RefoRC
  3. The EC is responsible for the realisation of the aims as mentioned in art. 3 and for managing the daily business of RefoRC. They are authorized by the Board of Refo500 to set up projects in the name of RefoRC and to establish affiliations with other organizations or institutions that can be supportive of the aims and purposes of RefoRC.
  4. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Board and of the General Assembly.
  5. The Executive Director shall act as Secretary at all meetings of Board and the General Assembly and shall administer the RefoRC finances.


4.2 Board

  1. The Board consists of six to eight representatives of institutional members, appointed by the Board of Refo500 Foundation, and of four ex-officio members i.e. the President, the Executive Director, the editor-in -chief of the Journal of Early Modern Christianity and a representative of publishers that are partner of RefoRC.
  2. Board members are appointed for a period of three years. Reappointment is possible for two additional periods.
  3. In case of a vacancy, the Board of RefoRC will present a candidate to the board of Refo500 Foundation.
  4. The Board supports the EC in realising the aims of RefoRC;
  5. The Board is responsible for the program of the Annual RefoRC-conference;
  6. The Board appoints a facultymember of one of the institutional members as editor-in-chief of JEMC.
  7. The editor-in-chief of the Journal for Early Modern Christianity is responsible for managing all aspects of the publication of the Journal.
  8. The RefoRC board meets at least twice a year upon invitation by the EC.
  9. The RefoRC board can delegate certain tasks to committees appointed by the Board.
  10. The president of RefoRC informs the Board of Refo500 Foundation every six months on the activities of RefoRC.


4.3 Member Meeting

  1. Once a year, a meeting of the members of RefoRC will be held upon invitation of the EC
  2. The Member Meeting will take place during the Annual RefoRC conference
  3. At the Member Meeting the RefoRC Board will present its plans, and members may suggest proposals on the activities of RefoRC.


Art. 5 Membership

  1. Membership of RefoRC is open to institutions as well as to individuals.
  2. RefoRC offers two types of membership: individual and institutional memberships.
  3. Members of RefoRC may participate in the Member Meeting
  4. Membership starts upon receipt of payment of the membership fee.
  5. Membershipfees are set by Refo500 Foundation on proposal by the President of RefoRC.
  6. All membership fees are payable in euros.
  7. Membership will automatically be renewed unless the member indicates to end membership, by written resignation at least two months before the end of the calendar year or in case of three-year membership at least four months before the end of the membership-period.
  8. Membership can also end by exclusion decided upon by the Board of Refo500 by failing to pay the membership fee.


Art. 6 Partnerships


  1. a) RefoRC offers partnerships to non-academic institutions that support the aims and purposes of RefoRC.
  2. b) Partnerships are regulated by separate contract with Refo500 Foundation.


Art. 7 Liability


RefoRC is not responsible for the academic quality of the activities of its members and takes no liability for any damage – either physical or intellectual – caused by or done to members and partners.


Art. 8 Financial Aspects


  1. RefoRC has no financial responsibilities towards members.
  2. The EC has the obligation to annually present an overview of the finances to the Board of Refo500.


Art. 9 Varia


  1. The Executive Committee decides on issues not directly addressed in these statutes.
  2. All matters involving financial consequences will be decided by the Board of Refo500 Foundation.



Thus established by the Board of Refo500 Foundation.

Version: May 2020



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