Concert BELLUM & PAX by Capella Nova

May 11, 2023, the vocal and instrumental ensemble Capella Nova, directed by Marleen Reynders, will perform the concert BELLUM & PAX, in the Saint John the Baptist Church in Leuven. The concert will start 20.00 h, following the program of the Twelfth Annual REFORC Conference on Early Modern Christianity.

The Concert

The concert BELLUM & PAX is a ‘musical soundscape’ of two inspiring themes for music composers. The first part is dedicated to BELLUM and refers to the ancient knightly ideals of fighting for one’s faith and to the suffering of war after battle. The second part is built around the theme of PAX, as a passionately pursued and often very painstakingly negotiated result. In this musical soundscape you will enjoy music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Registration and Ticket Fees

You can register for the concert via the online registration tool. If you register before May 11, the ticket fee is € 20,00. On May 11, online registration is no longer possible. If you register on the evening of the concert itself, the fee will be € 25,00 (at the door, preferably with your credit card, and as long as there are seats available). Admission is free for conference participants who have registered.

The Program

Download here the program.

Capella Nova

Founded in 1999, the vocal and instrumental ensemble Capella Nova presents itself in the musical landscape as a group of enthusiastic skilled singers and instrumentalists of pre-professional level, who know how to surround themselves with professionals. Since its founding, the leadership of the ensemble has been in the hands of Marleen Reynders. She is the inspiration and driving force behind the ensemble. More


KU Leuven
Saint John the Baptist Church, Groot Begijnhof 14, Leuven