Award of the Royal Flemish Academy for Violet Soen

16 November 2019

What role do borders play in religious wars? On 14 December, KU Leuven professor Violet Soen will receive the award Laureate in the Humanities Class of the Royal Flemish Academy, the second most important scientific prize of this institution.

Violet Soen will receive this award for her pioneering research on new and changing borders in the Reformation period, and the cross-border movements of religious refugees.

Violet Soen is a founding member of RefoRC, the academic department of Refo500 and a member of the editorial board of the Refo500 Academic Series. Recently she co-edited: Transregional Reformations: Crossing Borders in Early Modern Europe in this series.

The Humanities Class Laureate is one of the Academy’s most prestigious prizes. Young, promising researchers (up to 40 years old), whose main activity is situated in Flanders, are eligible for this prize.