Critical Catalogue of Luther Portraits 1519 – 1530 online

20 June 2022

Over the last four years the Germanische Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the TH Cologne have examined 726 Luther portraits from the period between 1519 and 1530 to classify the great variety of these portraits. The result is a comprehensive catalogue that is freely accessible online within the Cranach Digital Archive.

The portraits of Martin Luther are known worldwide. Numerous motifs were created by Lucas Cranach the Elder: Luther as a Pious Monk, as Junker Jörg, as the reformer or as a husband together with his wife Katharina of Bora.


The catalogue containts an introduction and

  • portraits of Martin Luther as an Augustine Monk
  • portraits of Martin Luther as “Junker Jörg”
  • marriage portraits
  • double portraits of Martin Luther as a married man and a reformer
  • bust length portrait of Martin Luther wearing a cap

as well as information on methodology, and a concordance/bibliographuy.


Go here to access the critical catalogue of Luther Portraits 1519-1530.