Deutsche Gemälde im Städel Museum 1550–1725

01 November 2021

The collection catalogue is dedicated to a hitherto barely explored part of the holdings of the Städel Museum. All the works—including paintings by Adam Elsheimer, Georg Flegel, or Johann Heinrich Roos—have been examined in detail from the perspective of both art history and painting technology based on the most recent scientific methods.

The incorporation of the respective cultural-historical background gives rise to new insights regarding the creation, attribution, identification, or interpretation of the individual paintings. The overview provides fascinating insights into the history of the collection, exhibitions, and research, and opens up a panorama of multi-layered art production in early modern Germany.

  • interdisciplinary examination of core holdings of the Städel Museum with established analytical techniques and the most recent method of macroscopic x-ray fluorescence scans
  • connection between painting technology and the history of art and culture

By Almut Pollmer-Schmidt. In collaboration with: Christiane Weber and Fabian Wolf

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