Encyclopedia of Early Modern History, volume 12

02 November 2021

The Encyclopedia of Early Modern History offers 400 years of early modern history in one work. Experts from all over the world have joined in a presentation of the scholarship on the great era between the mid-15th to the mid-19th centuries.

The perspective is European. That does not mean, however, that the view on the rest of the world is blocked. On the contrary: the multifaceted interrelatedness of European and other cultures is scrutinized extensively.

The Encyclopedia of Early Modern History addresses major historical questions:
– which ideas, inventions, and events changed people’s lives?
– in which ways did living conditions change?
– how do political, social, and economic developments interlock?
– which major cultural currents have begun to become apparent?
– how did historical interpretation of certain phenomena change?

The individual articles are connected to one another as in a web of red threads. The reader who follows the threads will keep coming upon new and unexpected contexts and links.

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