Häuslich – persönlich – innerlich. Bild und Frömmigkeitspraxis im Umfeld der Reformation

13 January 2021

Domestic, Personal, and Inward: Images and Pietistic Practice around the Reformation.

In the world of the Protestant Reformation, laypersons became the bearers of new practices and forms of personal appropriation and internalization of faith. Particularly in Protestantism, images played a central but hitherto neglected role in this process. As they address this theme, the multidisciplinary authors of this lavishly illustrated compilation repeatedly chart new territory.

With contributions of Berndt Hamm, Jörg Jochen Berns, Susanne Wegmann, Maria Deiters, Andreas Gormans, Ruth Slenczka, Volker Leppin, Christine Sauer, Ulrike Heinrichs, Sabine Hiebsch, Walter Melion, Wim François, Lee Palmer Wandel, Birgit Ulrike Münch, Christoph Brachmann, Grażyna Jurkowlaniec, Kai Wenzel.

Edited by: Maria Deiters and Ruth Slenczka
Language: German