Issue 2 of Volume 10 JEMC

07 November 2023

The Journal of Early Modern Christianity has now published the second issue of its tenth volume. It became a substantial issue with no fewer than nine articles covering various aspects and different denominational traditions of the Reformation Era.

Three articles together even form a dossier on the topic “Messianism, Sabbatarianism and Millenarianism in the Reformation”.



Research Articles

Jan-Friedrich Missfelder
From Choir to Chamber: Negotiating Vocal Music in the Zurich Reformation

Rasmus H. C. Dreyer
Adapting Lutheran Preaching: The Postil of Danish Reformer Hans Tausen (1539)

Andrew M. McGinnis
The Moral Status of Self-Love in Early Reformed Ethics

Cornelis J. Schilt
“Spectatissimo, Eruditione & Pietate, Insigno Viro”: Abraham Rogerius, the Open-Deure, and the Identity of A.W. JCtus 

Tomáš Černušák
Papal Nuncios in Prague as Part of the Imperial Court: The Significance of Integration, Sociability, and Credibility of Papal Diplomats at the Turn of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Daniel J. Hanna
The Arrow and the Ecstasy: The Rhetoric of Rapture in French Carmelite Poetry

Dossier: Messianism, Sabbatarianism and Millenarism in the Reformation

Vito Guida
The Messianic Secret and the Significance of Preaching in Gabriele Biondo, Otto Brunfels, and Celio Secondo Curione

Richard W. Cogley
“News about Jews” in Puritan New England: Sabbatian Messianism and Judeocentric Millenarianism in Increase Mather’s Mystery of Israel’s Salvation (1669)

Open Access: Réka Újlaki-Nagy
Rejudaized Jesus: The Early Transylvanian Sabbatarian Concept of the Concept of the Messiah

New Publications
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