Iuris sacri pervestigatio. Festschrift für Johann Hirnsperger

13 February 2021

On the occasion of the end of Johann Hirnsperger’s active academic duties, colleagues and friends took the opportunity to honour the Professor of Canon Law at the University of Graz with a commemorative publication to appreciate his academic work.

The title of the commemorative publication Iuris sacri pervestigatio not only makes an obvious reference to the extensive research work of Johann Hirnsperger in the field of canon law of the Catholic Church, but also reflects his interest in the legal systems of other churches and religious communities and the related ecumenical and interreligious concerns.

The explanations of the authors of the commemorative publication take up essential research areas of Johann Hirnsperger, but also address fundamental and current canonical, religious law and theological issues.

Edited by Wilhelm Rees and Stephan Haering
Kanonistische Studien und Texte 72