Journal of Early Modern Christianity Volume 9 Issue 1

29 June 2022

Explore now the new issue of the Journal of Early Modern Christianity (2022/1).

The issue contains following articles:

  • Yelena Mazour-Matusevich: Porter assistance aux assistants: Jean Gerson (1363–1429) et sa postérité dans ledomaine des soins de fin de vie
  • Miriam Wendling: Music, Ritual and Death in a Windesheim Community in the Early Modern Low Countries
  • Ana Roda Sánchez: Alfonso Carrillo y Acuña and His Attempts to Reform the Toledan Church within the Context of the Castilian Succession Conflict (1465–1479)
  • Pablo Abascal: Establishing the Jesuit Province of Mexico: The Development and the Institutionsof a Missionary and Educational Province (1572–1615)
  • Paolo Astorri and Lars Cyril Nørgaard: Publicus–Privatus: The Divine Foundations of Authority in Dietrich Reinking
  • Jan van de Kamp: Knowledge Communication and the Translation of Devotional Literature within Samuel Hartlib’s Circle
  • Meine Veldman: An Analysis of the Dissertation on the Conformity of Faith and Reason in G.W. Leibniz’s Theodicy

Open Access

The article of Jan vande Kamp is in open access.

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