New Issue Journal of Early Modern Christianity

29 May 2020

The Spring issue of the Journal of Early Modern Christianity, the first of 2020, is now available at De Gruyter.

It offers seven extremely rich essays on an vast array of topics ranging from history, art history, history of Church and theology, to religious anthropology. As such, it again fosters interdisciplinary, interconfessional, and comparative research on early modern Christianity.

The tale of contents  of Volume 7, Issue 1, underscores the broad thematic, geographical and confessional span:

  • Ragnhild M. Bø, Making and Meaning-Making: The Antwerp Altarpiece in Ringsaker (c. 1530) across the Reformation
  • Stina Fallberg Sundmark, Remembering the Dead and Reminding the Living: Blessing of the Corpse and Burial in Sixteenth-Century Sweden
  • Dries De Crom, Alfonso de Castro on Vernacular Bible Translation and Christian Education
  • Wendy Wauters, The Origins of the Furnace Motif: From Magico-Religious Ritual to Early ModernTale of Makeability
  • Eleonora Rai, Ex Meritis Praevisis: Predestination, Grace, and Free Will in intra-Jesuit Controversies (1587-1613)
  • Emese Muntán, Uneasy Agents of Tridentine Reforms: Catholic Missionaries in Southern Ottoman Hungary and Their Local Competitors in the Early Seventeenth Century
  • Tiziana Faitini, Shaping the Profession: Some Thoughts on Office, Duty, and the Moral Problematisation of Professional Activities in the Counter-Reformation

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