New Issue Journal of Early Modern Christianity

15 November 2021

Volume 8 Issue 2 of the Journal of Early Modern Christianity is now available.

The issue contains contributions of:

  • Daniel Lehmann
    Sebastian Münster and his Sources: The Messiah in Rome and the Convergence of  Christian-Jewish Polemic and Intra-Christian Conflict
  • Susanne Schenk
    Von Rossen und Wagen: Das Verhältnis von Stadt und Land in der Ulmer Reformation
  • Angelika Modlińska-Piekarz (†)
    The Doctrine of Justification in the Neo-Latin Biblical Poetry of Silesian Reformation. Poets and their Interpretation of the Biblical Theme of the Fall of the First Parents
  • Jarrik Van Der Biest
    Teaching Romans 7 after Trent: Michael Baius and his Lecture Hall on Concupiscence and Original Sin in Early Modern Louvain (1552–1589)
  • Erik Swart
    Maintaining the Common Peace: Security and the Religious Peace of 1578 during the Dutch Revolt
  • Christian D. Washburn
    Conciliar Infallibility and Error in the Thomistic Ecclesiology of St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J.
  • David J. Davis
    Reforming the Holy Name: The Afterlife of the IHS in Early Modern England
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