Paulus Ricius: Sal foederis (1507/1511/1514/1541)

21 November 2022

Critically edited and translated by Frank Böhling.

The first work »Salt of the Covenant« (»Sal foederis«, 1507) by Paulus Ricius motivates his conversion from Judaism to Christianity according to the genre-typical rules of Christian apologetics, but also cautiously advocates the so-called ›Christian Kabbalah‹; Ricius thus takes sides in the Reuchlin controversy that preoccupied the scolarly public of Europe in the decades before the Reformation. As a prelude to a four-volume edition of the author’s writings on the Christian Kabbalah, Frank Böhling and Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann present the work together with an introduction and a commentary in a bilingual critical edition that also consults the variants in the printings up to 1541.

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