Precious Antiquarian Books on Reformation and Dutch Second Reformation

02 June 2020

De Roo added 59 new items to its webshop, all concerning the Reformation and the Dutch Second Reformation, from the private library of Prof. dr. W. van ‘t Spijker.

A catalogue is also available. It holds a number of 57 items and is for the greater part compiled from the entire private library of old and rare books of Prof. Dr. Willem van ‘t Spijker. All items listed in the Catalogue are complete and in good condition, unless stated otherwise.

Van ‘t Spijker is emeritus professor of church history at the Theological University of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, author of numerous books and a widely respected Reformation-scholar. His library consisted of many rare works by Reformers, their opponents and successors and presents a unique insight in the sixteenth century key movement in Western Christianity called the Reformation.

More information can be found here.