RefoRC Book Award 2020: Longlist Online

04 February 2020

The RefoRC Board announced the longlist for the RefoRC Book Award: 10 books related to Early Modern Christianity and published last year have been selected.

The winner will be announced during the Tenth Annual RefoRC Conference in Aarhus, May 27, 2020.




Paolo Astorri, Lutheran Theology and Contract Law in Early Modern Germany, Paderborn 2019


Stefan Bauer, The Invention of Papal History, Onofrio Panvinio between Renaissance and Catholic Reform, Oxford 2019


Amy Burnett, Debating the Sacraments. Print and Authority in the Early Reformation, Oxford 2019


Michelle Chalpin Sanchez, Calvin and the Resignification of the World. Creation, Incarnation and the Problem of Political Theology in the 1559 Institutes, Cambridge 2019


Kyle J. Dieleman, The Battle for the Sabbath in the Dutch Reformation. Devotion or Desecration, Göttingen 2019


Brian L. Hanson,  Reformation of the Commonwealth, Göttingen 2019


Daniel R. Hyde, Grace Worth Fighthing For. Recapturing the Vision of God´s Grace in the Canons of Dort, Lincoln 2019


Reiner Kuhn, Bekennen und Verwerfen. Westphals Ringen um Luther und Melanchthon, Göttingen 2019


Mark A. Lotito, The Reformation of Historical Thought, Leiden 2019


Viriginia Reinburg, Storied Places. Pilgrim Shrines, Nature, and History in Early Modern France, Cambridge 2019