Upcoming: Unio Cum Christo Volume 6, Issue 2

13 November 2020

The upcoming issue of the journal Unio Cum Christo is dedicated to Public Theology, Freedom, and Persecution in Global Perspective.


The Calvin, Kuyper, Bavinck Trajectory (Benyamin F. Intan, John Witte Jr. and Eric Wang, Jonathan Chaplin, Antonius Steven Un, and Cory C. Brock)

Public Theology, Freedom, and Persecution Worldwide (Seung-Goo Lee, Jennifer Patterson, M. Christian Green, Bob Fu, Kin Yip Louie, and Paul Marshall)

Understanding the Vies (Robert George, David VanDrunen/ Philip Tachin, and Richard J. Mouw)

as well as a special guest essay by James Kurth and an interview with Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama by Peter A. Lillback.