The slogan connecting academics is the best summary of the services REFORC offers to its members.

By creating synergy and stimulating cooperation REFORC supports all those interested in Early Modern Christianity.

More specifically some of these services are the following:

News Dissemination

One of our main services is to disseminate news from our members. For this REFORC maintains an up-to-date website, an advanced newsletter system and social media. Members can offer their news through these channels and will  reach a wide audience for their activities

Book Series

A central activity within REFORC is a variety of book series published by leading academic publishers. Members have an easier access to publishing in these series as well as to discounts and to special deals these publishers offer.

Annual REFORC Conference on Early Modern Christianity

The Annual REFORC conference is organized alternately with one of the institutional members. These conferences are especially focusing on young scholars, giving them a podium to present themselves and their research and to connect them with participating senior academics.

More Services

Book discounts for institutional and individual members, awards and the REFORC Support Fund complete the overview of the present services, which implies that REFORC constantly develops additional services based on the needs of our members.


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