Refo500 Foundation

Refo500 Foundation is a Dutch general foundation which does not identify itself with any particular viewpoint, church or religion. The Foundation maintains and facilitates the international association REFORC, focusing on Early Modern Christianity.

Refo500 Foundation was founded in 2009.


The Foundation has an ANBI Status (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). RSIN 821709136.

Chamber of Commerce

The foundation is registered in the so called Handelsregister of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) in the Netherlands as #08214448.


IBAN NL33 RABO 0153741260 on behalf of “Stichting Refo500”, Enschede, the Netherlands. BIC/SWIFT-Number: RABO NL2U.

Bankers Addresss: Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen, Het Eeftink 2, 7541 WH  Enschede, the Netherlands.

VAT Number

Refo500 Foundation does not have a VAT number.


Prof. Dr. Wim Moehn (President)
Henk Bokhorst (Treasurer)
Mr. Peter Raven (Secretary)

Annual Report

Read here the Annual Report 2022.

Policy Plan

Read here the policy plan 2024.


Refo500 Foundation (Stichting Refo500)
Het Hoge Holt 9
7909 BE  Hoogeveen

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